If it Were Easy, Everyone Would Do it.

Anastasia Zendt served in the United States Navy as a helicopter Aircrewman.

Born and raised in a small southern town, Asia eagerly yearned to see what was beyond South Carolina. She always knew she wanted to serve in the Navy and when a close friend made the decision to join the Armed Forces, it pushed her to take a leap of faith and enlist.

Asia spent the majority of her naval career flying on the MH53 helicopter; she loved her job and loved to fly.  Being an Aircrewman meant being a part of a well-respected community and the camaraderie was one of a kind.  Not only did she travel the world, she met and built relationships with people who she now considers her closest friends.

Knowing that life is full opportunity, Asia had held on to a long term goal of becoming a nurse.  After 6 years of service, the time had come for her to use her military experience, talents and heart for helping others in a new field.  After great thought and consideration, she honorably discharged from the Navy and activated her GI Bill.  A short time after she reached her goal and graduated from nursing school.

Asia anticipated that building a post-military career would be a difficult process.  She often reminded herself of the saying, “If it were easy, everyone would do it,” which propelled her through the peaks and valleys of the transition.  Part of her success is attributed to seeking sound advice and building a solid plan; guidance she recommends for anyone closing out their military career.  She took action steps like writing a list of pros & cons, considered trade school vs. college and sought out advice from a counselor.  Her work ethic, outgoing spirit and willingness to take risks motivated her to achieve the goals she set for herself.

Asia enjoys embracing all life’s adventures!  Less than a year ago, she and her husband (who happens to be a Naval Officer) became first time parents to a beautiful baby girl and shortly thereafter drove cross country to start their next chapter in San Diego, CA. #GoNavyBeatArmy

If you would like to learn more about how Asia navigated her journey, please e-mail [email protected] and we would be happy to connect you!

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