My name is Ryan A. Osmola. I am a husband to a beautiful wife, father to 2 of the world’s prettiest little girls, a proud Veteran and a dedicated police officer.  I consider myself a highly motivated person who thrives in chaos. The core of me is centered on being a selfless servant, a value that I uphold and try and display on a daily basis.

I had several family members that were in the military, I always felt motivated being around them and knew that one day it was something that I wanted to experience for myself. When I was 19, I made the decision to enlist. There is not enough space to share how I was changed over the 10 years that I served.  Working in mortuary affairs was difficult, but I considered it an honor and privilege to be the person who was able to send young men and woman back to their families after paying the ultimate sacrifice.  Life is short and knowing that my girls were still so young, I made the decision to get out.

The hardest part about leaving the military was leaving the comradery and the relationships.  Being on deployments and temporary duty to different countries, I learned to depend on the team around me.  I built bonds with people that will last a life time.  The military is where I grew up.  When you experience events with a consistent group of people it creates a family.  We lived through things that caused heartache, but we always found ways to share good times.

Since I was a kid, I have always wanted to be a police officer and after I got out I had to work extremely hard to reach that goal.  My military experience does not define me but, it gave me a tremendous amount of confidence, taught me to never accept defeat and to push until I accomplish each goal in front of me.  Veterans discharging from the military need to be open and honest with themselves and the people in their support system – do not hold back expressing concerns and opinions.  Figure out what success looks like to you and strive for it every day.  Post military success is not handed to you.  Work hard, find a healthy way to stay motivated and earn it.


If you would like to learn more about Ryan’s post-military career journey or connect with him directly, please e-mail [email protected]

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